Are you going through a phase of feeling anxious and unwell in your body?
Are you questioning and taking stock of your happiness, your relationships and life quality?
If this is you or if it’s a loved one you know, then connect with me and let’s begin your story of wellness.


Deepika Mulchandani (MsocSc, CMSAC)
Founder, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Deepika Mulchandani



Hi, I am Deepika Mulchandani,
a registered counsellor and psychotherapist based in Singapore. I have set up The Open Connections here to provide a space to approach mental health in a way that is emotionally safe, relevant and considerate of our human instinct to live life with a sense of well-being and to grow into our best selves. Having lived through chronic pain and the emotional distress that comes with it, I understand our need to feel well in our body and mind to live a life we enjoy.

In the process of gaining wellness through learning, exploring and helping others what became evident is that there are two key areas of connections that determine our mental health and our basic sense of wellness. The first is the connection we sense between our mind and body, the second one is the quality of relationships we share with key people in our lives.

By focusing my work on these two areas of connections, I have helped many individuals, adolescents, couples and families regain a sense of well-being and vitality in their lives. My areas of expertise include anxiety, chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, eating-related disorders, relational trauma and relationships conflict.

I help clients work through their distress by drawing a combination of perspectives and techniques from research-based modality including Family & Systems Therapy, Attachment theory, Mindfulness and Yoga-based principles in a way that suits you best. Most importantly, my priority is to provide you with a safe space and good connection all throughout the process of your growth and healing

My education and training have been in professional counselling (Master’s Degree), Family & Systemic Therapy, Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Yoga-based interventions and play based interventions including Theraplay® which I primarily use in my work with children and parents.

I am  also a registered clinical member with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) and a professional member with the Australian Association for Family Therapy (AAFT)


Ong San San (MSocSc) 
Child, Couple & Family Therapist


San San is a child and family counsellor who has been practising in Singapore for more than 6 years. She has joined The Open Connections to pursue her passion to help couples, parents and families heal important relationships and engage with each other in a way that is reflective of the love that they feel for each other. Being a mother of two boys herself, she is reflective of the uniqueness of each child and the need for relationships to evolve in a way that maintains the health and well-being of the child, parents and caregivers.

San San has worked extensively with children, adolescents and families in various settings including community services, social services and schools in Singapore.  In each of these settings, San San is firstly committed to respecting, honouring and providing a safe and connected space for her clients. Her areas of interest and expertise include (but are not limited to) children and adolescents presenting with anxiety, behavioural difficulties in children, parenting and relationships conflict.

San San has completed her Master Degree in Professional Counselling before completing her certificate of practice. She is also certified to apply concepts from Child-Centered Play Therapy and principles of Theraplay® while working with children and parents. San San applies an integrative approach from her various areas of expertise in a way that best suits the need of the clients she is working with. She is a registered member with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) and the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT). San San is also an active and committed member of various communities in Singapore that support families to develop healthier relationships.



Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy
If you are struggling with mental health symptoms at the moment and you don’t feel supported, then coming for individual counselling will be greatly beneficial to help you regain a sense of well-being. In the space of distress, the best thing you can do is to get the help you need to begin to sense ease. Do take some time to read my article on The Mental Health Connection (Read Here) to get a better understanding on the importance of having this space.

In individual counselling, you can expect a safe and comfortable space to talk through your existing struggles and concerns. To help me assess your experience better, I will go through an assessment form with you which will begin the process of us partnering to help you reach your desired space of wellness. You are always welcome to provide feedback on how you feel about the sessions and about the progress you are making. It is recommended that you attend sessions with regularity in the initial stages of counselling to experience the benefits



Couples Counselling

At times we may experience a low phase in relationship with our partner. There are many reasons why most of us will come to a place where we feel a deep sense of disappointment in our relationships. It can be a very confusing time especially because we know we love the person we are with.  Some of the most common disappointments in relationships usually arise from (but not limited to) differences in view on important matters like finances, life dreams, approach to parenting, children’s behavior, good sex, conflict occurring in our family of origin (parents and siblings), break of sacred trust, and household responsibilities. On other instances, it could be that your partner is experiencing mental health symptoms that is putting a strain on your relationship. During these challenging times, it is very easy to drift apart, to choose mistrust and to be resentful toward one another. Couples counselling is very helpful during these times because by talking in the presence of a professional, you will usually begin to find new perspectives about your relationships that may well move you beyond the conflict. It is not unusual to begin to think about things differently after the first session. What you may also find that the process of seeking help together will help you grow as individuals and as a couple which will deepen the connection between the two of you.

Mindfulness-based Meditation Therapy

Mindfulness-based therapy is currently one of the most successful intervention to help people going through depression and anxiety. Mindfulness practices is especially useful to help you become aware of your inner mental and emotional life with much greater clarity. The process of becoming aware is beneficial in helping you manage these fluctuations with greater confidence.

After doing an initial assessment and after discussing with you, I may recommend doing some sessions of mindfulness-based practices before going into more in-depth talk therapy. The mindfulness practices I will recommend will vary depending on your need. Before commencing any mindfulness practice, I will provide you with a detailed explanation of the processes and invite you to give your feedback.