Body Movement Therapy

Body movement therapy is based on the theory that our mind and body are highly interconnected. As a result, the stress, pain, anger, trauma and frustration from the past has an impact on our nervous systems and can cause changes in our body which can include the development of chronic physical pain and mental health symptoms. By increasing your mind-body connection through the practice of movement, your body is capable of releasing stored emotional energy from the past experiences which have been limiting your ability to be free and engaged with your own life in the present moment.

I use movement to invite you to engage with your own body at your own pace in a way that is most comfortable for you. In this form of therapy, there is no ‘correct’ form of movement that needs to be achieved; the main purpose is for you to use the available movement to learn to attune to your own body. The movement that I commonly use are movement techniques from Yoga movement & Somatic Therapy.
I also use this particular treatment approach in combination with talk therapy and mindfulness practices in a way that suits you best. Like all my practice, my treatment approach will always be discussed with you and it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

This model of treatment is particularly useful for (but not limited to):
•Eating-related disorders
•Post-Traumatic Stress
•Interpersonal Trauma (trauma occurring within relationships with other people including harm to the body and neglect)
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome